Event architect? event architect! Compare your event to a building… An architect, like an event planner, is creative, open-minded and focused on the big bottom line: “To satisfy the customer in a way that the architect’s work is always positively remembered”. Daniel Lühl, owner of the eventarchitekt  / PEA GmbH is member of eventarchitect group, operating worldwide and collaborating by sharing knowledge, ideas and projects.

The picture in the header shows me inmidst of an apple tree project of a client – 50 apple trees with old sorts planted instead of 25 years jubilee event – which I thought to be a brillant idea!

Question 1) How open are your customers to consider sustainable options for their programs? What extra miles do you walk to convince customers about sustainable options?

The idea of ​​sustainability plays a role at the eventarchitect group in all events, be it in planning or implementation. In addition to components that are now taken for granted, such as reducing waste, environmentally friendly transport and reducing electricity consumption, more and more customers are now making suggestions in this regard. We opted for low-consumption components at an early stage and were able to convince customers of the additional prices. Regionality is becoming more and more important due to the Corona phase, which has a major impact on sustainability.

Question 2) What is your motivation for joining the ecomice explorers group at IMEX?

The ecomice explorers group can provide insight into many areas of sustainable event planning that are not directly obvious to us, and our clients.

Question 3) Can you give an example of a conference, event or other program that you have organised taking sustainability aspects into account?

In 2018 we realized an incentive trip for 1400 guests for a customer. Following a series of years with extensive travel included (flight, cruise), this time we looked with the client for a nearby destination where a luxury tent camp was realized for the group. Focus was placed on sustainable materials to be used for infrastructure, catering and transport. The significant power consumption of the temporary tent city was supported by the largest solar system in West Germany located at the location.

In all of our events we relate to the 17 UN sustainable Development goals. In the planning stage of each event we parallely consider the goals and how they could achieve a bigger influence on our event planning.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals






ecomice is a consultancy and PR / marketing unit for sustainable legacy and supply chains in destinations.

It is an initiative of tmf dialogue.

Travelling today means to reduce negative impact as much as possible and to take responsibility for the destination. Our collaborative business model integrates all stakeholders to jointly follow the sustainable goals of the UN Agenda. We support building legacy projects (environmental and societal) and creating new programs. Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/ecomice