MaX has decided to go the green way and is aiming to become THE green MICE agency in Belgium !

Over the past years, we at MaX integrated an eco-responsible attitude and thinking, when creating our events.  But we have decided to take our sustainability project a step further. We are proud to translate this statement in our daily activities at the office but also on site, during our events.

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Question 1) How open are your customers to consider sustainable options for their programs? What extra miles are walked by your company to convince customers about sustainable options?

At this point, it is a bit dissapointing to see that the customers are not yet really into sustainable options. Budget and time often play a more important role.

There are of course the options of using less plastic (bottles, badges etc) on events, using digital communication platforms instead of paper, and supporting of a CSR /legacy project in the country they visit. These are well implemented with several of our customers.

But we would of course like them to do more and every time we work on a new proposal for a client we try to include new sustainable options, and push sustainable partners (hotel, DMC, transportation..)

Question 2) What is your motivation for joining the ecomice explorers group at IMEX

I would love to learn more on the sustainable options there are in our industry, meet with people that are also motivated by sustainability, meet sustainable partners we could work with.

And help to start moving things in the right direction !

Question 3) Can you give an example of a conference, event or other program that you have organised taking sustainability aspects into account?

Not really…

In most of our events we include sustainable aspects, but I can’t say that we’ve organised a fully sustainable program. Not sure actually, what you would consider a full sustainable program and if that is possible at all.

The sustainable aspects we take into account usually are:

  • Green hotel
  • CO2 compensation
  • CSR activity
  • Live like a local
  • Give participants the possibility to choose a green activity in the program
  • Plastic free
  • Digital communication
  • Management of food (catering, restaurants)
  • Green guide lines for the participants
  • Use of local products


ecomice is a consultancy and PR / marketing unit for sustainable legacy and supply chains in destinations.

It is an initiative of tmf dialogue.

Travelling today means to reduce negative impact as much as possible and to take responsibility for the destination. Our collaborative business model integrates all stakeholders to jointly follow the sustainable goals of the UN Agenda. We support building legacy projects (environmental and societal) and creating new programs. Follow us on LinkedIn:

Thanks so much for your interest and support in showing the industry that we can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.