format:c does not work alone – they move forward by working as a team. Ideas are shaped by a tremendous desire to provide intense, emotional and innovative results. Inspiration comes from both small and big shows, events and innovations from around the world of entertainment. Shaped by many years of working closely together, our creative network, “Die Besten”, allows us to respond individually to every challenge.

Natalie Driesnack, Conception and Show Direction, Project Management and Promotional Campaign Planning

Natalie holds a degree in event management (CCI) and is a lecturer in event management and marketing communications. As managing partner, her main areas of responsibility comprise project implementation, detailed elaboration of workflows, staffing and targeted communication between our internal crews and those of our partners. Her many areas of expertise include promotional campaign planning, film production, direct marketing and live communication. As executive producer, she is responsible for format:c media productions. In addition, she is creative coordinator and show director for our exceptional international concepts.

Question 1) How open are your customers to consider sustainable options for their programs?

Our customers have become much more open to the topic of sustainability. They want to be informed and ask explicitly. This is a very positive development that we are very happy to support with advice. We also keep getting advice and inspiration from experts and colleagues. The exchange is particularly important. It’s the only way we can all move forward.

What extra miles are walked by your company to convince customers about sustainable options?

We still have to make the extra mile palatable for our customers. Through our content consulting approach, we create added value for our customer from the very first step and put the topic of sustainability in a positive light. Should the extra mile be very uncomfortable, we will charge it with emotions and information. In this way, we create a strong involvement.

Question 2) What is your motivation for joining the ecomice explorers group at IMEX?

As I have already mentioned, to develop more sustainability in all areas requires a high level of exchange. I want to actively learn from the experiences of my industry colleagues and exchange ideas. I am sure that I will learn a lot.

Question 3) Can you give an example of a conference, event or other program that you have organised taking sustainability aspects into account?

We are currently planning a very special event with a location partner. The topic of sustainability will clearly be integrated into the event. We want to go far beyond the typical aspects such as local catering etc. The journey, the event and the follow-up will also be sustainable.

We do not see sustainability as a temporary design element of the event. We want the participants to get a sustainable mindset. We want them to experience the topic more consciously after the event. Understand what it is all about.


ecomice is a consultancy and PR / marketing initiative for sustainable legacy and new supply chains in destinations.

It is an initiative of tmf dialogue.

Travelling today means to reduce negative impact as much as possible and to take responsibility for the destination visited. Our collaborative business model at ecomice supports stakeholders and destinations to see MICE offers in a new context and to develop products from this background.

We communicate and connect a destination’s sustainable developments across policies, academics, industry, environment and society, identify new audiences and promote a new generation of responsible business events.

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