We invite congress and conference organisers interested in discovering the Baltics – I know that many of you have neither been to the show nor to Vilnius or the other Baltic cities. May be because you are not aware of what is going on there with regards to innovation, infrastructure, knowledge and start-ups. Well, now is the time to catch up and learn about the wide offers!

The Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are a unique set of destinations for congresses, meetings and all kinds of other events and if you have not thought about them yet, you are missing on some some valuable inspiration. In all three states there is a lot of technical development and a very active start-up ecosystem. Why? That is a longer story, which you can read about here…

Convene as a platform is well established, perfectly organised and is now operated and managed by Baltic Travel Group since this summer – with partnerships between public and private sectors on the rise in the Lithuanian capital, Go Vilnus has appointed BalticTravel Group as the event’s official PCO. So, transition is going on and it will be interesting to see the next steps in development.

tmf dialogue marketing therefore has decided to support Convene again, due to our good relationship with Baltic Travel Group, who are also the main initiators of the Latvian Convention Bureau. We have been writing about Latvia, Riga and different aspects of the destination for the past 3 years and collected a lot of knowledge about the new spirit there. You can trust me, it is worth discovering.

So please check the date and let us start with getting you registered to start the application process!

Please use this link 

…and do not forget to additionally add the group code “TMF”

That’s important, as otherwise I will have no access to your registration and cannot review the status or missing info and stay in touch with you.

In the next 2 weeks I will share some more info with you to inspire you for the trip. I will also be happy to share my knowledge with you and get you in touch with the right people and projects for your appointments, to make the best from your visit at the show.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
with my best regards

Johanna Fischer (on linkedIn or via email j.fischer@tmf-dialogue.com)

So looking forward to catching up with you for Convene 2020!