The communitylab is a new initiative of tmf dialogue marketing – communication experts for destination marketing. However, the focus is not on “marketing” here. We think there are bigger problems and we look for practical ways to solve them.

Our goal is to channel sustainable development topics into discussions in subcommunities where solutions can be found by working together. The results will be shared with all the community members and hopefully can accelerate the development into more sustainable concepts to keep international meetings and travel alive as an industry.

We are worried by the state of our planet and we think that all needs to be done to help: we as an industry should demonstrate our creativity to find new ways to do our work. The pandemic has brought up a lot of topics in a very short time. Let us not get “back to normal”. Not looking at the challenges we have will not make them disappear. Let us fight together rather than giving up.

“Heal the World. Make it a better place – for you and for me and the entire human race” (Michael Jackson)

The communitylab is a big and also challenging project for us and it has just started. We count on your support and understanding – we invite everyone who shares our concerns to discuss and invite their contacts to build a real community. Involving all who care. Across destinations, local stakeholders, knowledge ambassadors AND planners of international meetings, congresses and other events. We think it is time to honestly exchange needs, challenges and ideas and to collaborate to find better solutions.

We particularly invite colleagues to make use of the funcionalities and their initiatives here. The more initiatives and examples we can collect and curate in one space, the easier it will be to create best practise for everybody. We don’t need to stick to competition – we need collaboration to manage the challenges.

To maintain the community platform we need to ask all interested supporters to invest in the affordable membership fee. Anyone involved in international meetings and travel can use the community infrastructure provided to invite partners or friends to participate and discuss in Forums or in-depth in groups. It can be a new business model for YOU, offering creative ideas in the communitylab and share with your network.

We help where we can. Please contact Johanna or Karishma for more information.

Thank you and Namaste! May this spark jump far and encourage many of you!