Knowing the destination Liepājā a bit better, there are a few more questions to the tourism director Inta Šoriņa to shed light into future plans.

Q1)      Liepājā has its own airport which is served from Riga through AirBaltic. The airport at presence is small, so what is the maximum size of groups which can be handled through there? Are there any plans to expand services?


Yes, Liepājā has its own airport which is served from Riga through AirBaltic. The airport is indeed not very big, the maximum size of group which can be handled through is around 100 passengers. Nevertheless, the airport has served large orchestras, sports teams, leisure and corporate tourist groups, etc. successfully in the past. In the future the city plans to build a new terminal with a capacity for 200 pax in and 200 out. Liepājā airport’s expansion plans will include growing the number of passengers through Riga, but also continue to negotiate with other carriers to develop new routes like Stockholm, Billund, Warsaw, Helsinki etc.


Q2)      We are also very interested in stories about business opportunities to create connections for corporate or association conferences. Does the city offer support to foreign investors?


The city of Liepājā has always been open and friendly toward its people, tourists and businesses. The historical background in manufacturing industries and port-related businesses is a reason that today the city of Liepājā is the hometown for numerous Scandinavian manufacturers and service providers as well as strong Latvian brands, which are working worldwide. Providing the support for the businesses has always been a priority for local authorities, therefore you are always welcome to start your business in this supportive environment.


Q3)      Lots of art, re-construction of historic buildings, fabulous outdoor, the Soviet background — it all makes an interesting and exciting combination. What is your personal favourite that you like to highlight for meeting planners?


For me the most fascinating time in Liepājā is the off-season, when the summer bustle is over. The range of culture, sports and entertainment events offer something to everyone — to corporate groups as well as to families with children, couples and groups of friends. Even though I live in Liepājā, I sometimes like to get out of my daily routine and stay in one of our charming 3, 4 or 5-star hotels, attend a world-class artist’s concert in the “Great Amber” concert hall and enjoy the great selection of restaurants and cafes. And, of course, the beach! Its presence can definitely be felt everywhere in the atmosphere of Liepājā.


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