by Go Vilnius

Welcome to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania – your Baltic neighbor about a 1.5-hour flight from Berlin.

Proximity aside, people often compare our city to Berlin. These are invariably favourable observations, with reference to our lively contemporary art, music and design communities, our entrepreneurial vibe and our café, culinary and craft beer scene.

Now, we’re cool with being cool (and flattered by the comparison). But there’s a lot that we love about Vilnius that sets us apart from Berlin… and plenty for you to enjoy and come back to more than once!

Let’s start with the heart of our city. Vilnius has one of Europe’s oldest Medieval Old Towns. There are buildings here that date back to the 15th century and the entire Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Now, what’s so great about old buildings? Well, apart from the uniquely immersive experience of history they convey, ours are damned fun to hang out in. Our Old Town is alive with contemporary culture and that great Vilnius Vibe. It’s not just something we leave to tourists. You can find us living, working and enjoying it ourselves every day.

Take in a concert or catch a street performance, browse one of our charming boutiques or urban fairs, or just take a mug of hearty Lithuanian ale while enjoying that marvelous mix of European architecture that makes Vilnius Old Town so special – including one of the highest concentrations of Baroque architecture this side of the Alps!

Vilnius is wonderfully cozy and compact. That means being close to everything. It doesn’t take hours to move around the city, and the airport is just 15 minutes from the centre.

What’s more, nearly one-half of Vilnius is green space. With several urban parks, forests, lakes and two rivers, you have countless options when it comes to staying active. From hiking, cycling, tennis, kayaking, golfing, wakeboarding and beach volleyball in the summer, to ice skating, sledding and even skiing and snowboarding in the winter, the greatest challenge in Vilnius is often just deciding what to do. For those with a more relaxed view of what constitutes activity, we’re big on spas and saunas. Options abound in and around the city.

These features, and many more near the top of our list (like the fact that Vilnius is one of the few European capitals that allows hot air balloons to fly above the city) give us that feeling of satisfaction that puts Vilnius at the top of the list of Europe’s happiest capitals (according to Eurostat).

With direct flights from Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Memmingen, Köln, München and Nürnberg, Vilnius is easily accessible from Germany.

So, as we embrace the similarities that make both Berlin and Vilnius great cities to visit and live in, we invite you to come discover what sets Vilnius apart!

Visit the Vilnius stand at ITB from March 8-12 and find out what tops our list of Vilnius favourites. We’ll have an interactive game for you to give you a feel for the city and help you get your own list started. Give it a try – you may win a free trip to Vilnius! And everyone will find out why visitors to our city are loving the Vilnius Vibe.

Come see us at ITB Berlin: Messedam 22, D–14055 Berlin, stand No. 126B Hall 18

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