Hanzas Perons

HP Great Hall- photograph Filips Šmits, courtesy Hanzas Perons

Riga now features a new great venue for all events of all kinds — cultural, music, art and corporate gatherings find a new platform here! Hanzas Perons, a former Riga cargo railway warehouse in New Hanza neighbourhood (very close to the city centre — only about 10 minutes walking distance), has been rebuilt into a contemporary space with an industrial character. The historical image of the building is kept and the architectural concept protects the original character by integrating the industrial elements into an expanded space, a shell of glass and steel.

The architect Reinis Liepiņš from Sudraba Arhitektūra architecture firm has developed this vision for the reconstruction, with the new venue being bound to become a landmark in Riga’s event ecosystem. It covers a total space of 4,396 m2, including public space of 2,800 m2, with just the big hall offering a surface of 1,230 m2.

Hanzas Perons is a multifunctional space for culture and art that can be transformed in a variety of ways: a concert hall for 1,100 seats, art and exhibition gallery, a venue for corporate events, etc.

In the roof, the designers have retained the original wooden beams and added new metal framework, which will both serve as a decoration and a load-bearing frame for setting art pieces and event equipment.

The interior features the warehouse image through the restored brick walls and looks very contemporary. All practical issues are considered which are needed for a smooth and comfortable workflow in an event space: so all backstage areas are designed with the comfort of staff in mind, including rooms to rest and refresh after work. The kitchen part is generously spaced and equipped with all items for a seamless catering service. Delivery areas and doors allow straight access for heavy material, there is plenty of parking space around and some new hotels like the AC Marriott are in direct vicinity.

Atta Centre

courtesy and copyright: ATTA Convention Centre

Atta Centre will be the name for a new convention venue in Riga, which is planned to open already in the first quarter of 2020. Atta means Anthill — and thus symbolizes a busy place with a total of 7 conference halls for 3.300 delegates maximum and an attached Workspace office centre. The convention centre is located in one of the busiest places in the city — on Krasta Street 60, with shopping centres, universities and car dealerships all located nearby.

With Krasta street also being one of the city’s major connecting axis, the conference centre is easy to reach from anywhere in Riga. The Atta Centre convention and exhibition complex covers a total area of 15 000 m2 and provides 29 conference rooms – it allows to hold a variety of events here: exhibitions, conferences, banquets, as well as cultural, artistic and sports events of any format. The high-tech multi-modal system can change the layout of the entire first floor without the loss of the sound insulation quality.

Atta makes sure to support the local manufacturers for the construction: high-quality finishing materials, comfortable furniture, stylish decor and other interior items are exclusively of Latvian origin and Latvian manufacturers are known to provide fine craftsmanship!

The adjoined Atta workspace is an office centre and occupies 2000 square meters on the second floor of the building. It includes individual workplaces in a shared space, meeting rooms, as well as isolated offices. Modern office equipment, high-speed Internet, lounge area, food court, and parking are available for co-working guests.

More on the website of ATTA centre: https://www.attacentre.com/#Spaces



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