With around one third of the total population of the Faroe Islands being active members of a sport club, it is safe to say the people living in the small Nordic archipelago are great sport enthusiasts.

We at Visit Faroe Islands Meetings want to better understand the USPs to promote the new multipurpose Arena internationally and to bring matches and conferences to the islands. We talk with Jógvan Emil Nielsen, the Project Coordinator for the new Føroya Arena about the planned venue to learn some more.

“We are very optimistic about the future of sports and conferences in the Faroe Islands. The new Sport Arena in Torshavn will act as a catalyst for growth, enabling the development of local talent and attracting international matches and trainings. The Faroe Islands will further establish themselves as a destination for world-class sporting events, concerts, cultural experiences, and unforgettable conferences”

says Nielsen.

courtesy @Skansi

The Sport Venue is designed to accommodate a range of sports and to double as a flexible meeting venue. Together with the inclusion of the new Public Health Test Center, led by Professor Magni Mohr of the local university, great local expertise for knowledge transfer in the area of public health and sport science is available. Prof. Mohr’s “football is medicine” project is a sound basis for a greater understanding of how sports can contribute to overall well-being. The Public Health Test Center will work with athletes and amateurs on research of body functions through sports.

The Arena will meet the international requirements for volleyball and handball and the size and measurements are based on these, but also other sports will benefit a lot. Volleyball and handball have a strong following in the Faroe Islands, and the arena’s facilities will create the perfect environment for these disciplines. By providing a dedicated venue for training and matches, the aim will be to enhance the development of local talent while also attracting international events.

The Indoor Arena is expected to be completed by late January 2025. The project is funded by the municipality of Torshavn, the Faroese Government, the Danish Government, the Betri Fund, and the A.P. Møller Fund. The funding reflects the collaborative efforts of the small nation to promote sports and sustainable development in the region. By bringing together key stakeholders, the arena serves the interests of the community and contributes to the overall well-being of the Faroe Islands.

Sustainability is an important feature for the Sport Arena. The owners and the project team are committed to implementing a sustainable concept, ensuring that the arena minimizes its environmental impact and compensates the needed sealing of surface by restoring adjacent wetland spaces. Energy-efficient systems, use of renewable energy sources, and innovative technologies are all being explored. By following a sustainable approach, the arena aligns with the Faroe Islands’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

The new infrastructure will bring local athletes in connection with international teams and promote sport events to take place in the Faroe Islands.

The arena’s multifunctional design will allow as well to serve as a vibrant meeting venue with flexible space, facilitating both local community events as well as international gatherings. The Sport Venue will enhance the overall quality of life in the Faroe Islands and further promote a thriving sports and public health ecosystem.

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content: Johanna Fischer / ecomice – FrauBlau for Visit Faroe Islands Meetings, 13.09.2023