We’ve started a new series and we’ll recommend you a different kind of sport every week. Our employees will show you how you can clear your mind after a busy day at work. Today, it’s Michael’s turn and he recommends to ride a bike.

Cycling is a very healthy and joint-friendly sport. Already after 10 minutes of bike riding, the articular cartilage is able to provide better oxygen and nutrients, which can help prevent arthrosis. Most of your weight is on the saddle, which additionally rests the joints: a big advantage in comparison to over other sports like jogging.

Another good point is that you can cycle wherever you like and consequently, you’ll discover new places. “What I like most: I can cycle to places I usually never reach, neither by car nor by foot”, says Michael, who takes part in licensed races.

Cycling is also good for your cardiovascular system, making the heart operate more efficiently and reducing myocardial risk by 50 percent. You don’t need to be a professional bike racer. At first, a cozy round in the evening is enough to improve your health. In addition, a lot of muscles are engaged while cycling. You are not only using your legs, but also your hands, trunk and buttocks muscles. It’s a sport for the whole body.

The last and a very important point is that you can easily lose weight. For example, a person who weighs 75 kilograms burns 500 calories by cycling an hour with 20 km/h.

As you can see, cycling has a lot of advantages. It’s a very good method to relax your body and mind. Do it like our employee, sit down on the saddle and ride your bike.