Villa Erba, part of the Lake Como Events Network, has steadily grown their online presence over the past few months. Now, Villa Erba has all 4 major social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Their Instagram account was created recently and already has 75 own posts and is tagged in more than 50!

Villa Erba mostly shares photos of decorations, weddings, events, and of course the beautiful Italian scenery. Every once in a while they also share a picture or two of any celebrities that have visited or worked at their location.

Villa 139         

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Your contact at Villa Erba:
Francesca Schiatti
tel. +39 (0)31 3491

Your contact at Lake Como Events Network:
Eleonora Bresciani
Sales & Marketing Manager
tel. +39.031.349.226

Your contact at tmf:
Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
tel. +49 (0)931 9002 114