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In 2016, the initiative driven by the Palacongressi to combat food waste collected, recovered and donated more than 7 thousand dishes. The volunteer associations of Rimini distributed the food to people and families living below the poverty line.

Rimini, 6th March 2017 – The recession has put even one of the most basic rights at risk, the right to food. There are currently over 10 million poor people in Italy, with an estimated 6 million of these living in conditions of absolute poverty, 1 million of these being children. While these figures rise, 12 billion euro worth of food is wasted, simply thrown out.

In the light of this dramatic scenario, in July 2015, the Italian meeting industry association, Federcongressi&eventi, in collaboration with the national Food Bank and Equoevento Onlus, launched the initiative “FOOD FOR GOOD – From Meetings to Solidarity”. The scheme is designed to support the work of the 15 thousand volunteer organisations in Italy who, on a daily basis, nourish the needy, by recovering excess food from conferences, congresses and various events.

The value and importance of “Food For Good” was demonstrated clearly last year at the Palacongressi di Rimini, thanks to the commitment of the Event & Conference Division of IEG – Italian Exhibition Group spa. In 2016, a total of 7,090 dishes was donated to the San Antonio soup kitchen in Rimini, in support of families in need. In addition to this were 845 desserts, almost 200 kg of bread, salad and fruit, and 500 snacks and sandwiches.

High quality, healthy, fresh food, which would otherwise have been wasted, was transformed into economic savings, and more importantly, into a gesture of solidarity. The goal was reached with the help of the 29 associations and businesses, who subscribed to the initiative, organising conventions and meetings at the Palacongressi that attracted 30 thousand participants. In fact, each organiser planned their menu with the Summertrade (IEG catering and banqueting partner) chefs, carefully choosing food that could be treated and conserved in accordance with legal protocols, in the 24 hours following the scheduled event at the Palacongressi.

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