2016 was a great year for Rimini: over 1,1 million people attended meetings and conferences in the Romagna region. In 2017, this number is expected to rise by another 4%. Hereby, an excellent positioning on the domestic corporate market stands out. Also, a significant growth from 8-11% in the number of medical-scientific conference was recorded.

In comparison to 2015, the Riviera region hosted over 6% more events and over 5% more delegates! This provided an influx of around €200 million throughout the area. Less than half of the revenue was used directly for venue rental, the majority thereof went towards staging, accommodation, and catering.

The figures for Palacongressi di Rimini are likewise impressive: Compared to 2015, the Palacongressi hosted 8% more events adding up to 149 with over 250,000 delegates in attendance! Of these events, 7 were international, 85 national, 6 regional, and 51 local. The medical-scientific conference sector was responsible for 11% of events and the longest stay duration of 3 days. Within this sector, over 20,000 attendees stayed in Rimini for more than 50,000 nights!

These results and predictions stem from research supported by the  “Chamber of Commerce of Romagna Forlì-Cesena and Rimini” and the “Italian Exhibition Group.”

Full press release from the Italian Exhibition Group.

More about Palacongressi di Rimini on tmf-dialogue.net.

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