You are responsible to market “your” destination in new ways? Can you already see how business development, investments, knowledge transfer in the destination need to be tied in to create a sufficient and justifiable reason for future travel movements? And do your local politicians understand it and collaborate with your team on a meaningful strategy?

How can we all face the #newnormal – a post-Corona and climate-protecting style of working?

Future Convention Bureaus will need to give proof of thought leadership and sustainable strategies to involve local and international stakeholders in knowledge areas important for the destination.

Convention Bureaus are curators. As a curator you select content and create context that your audiences really need – namely to interact and learn about the local key segments of excellence.

A Convention Bureau best justifies its importance if it builds up new relationships with local politics, industries and research and maintains in a close ongoing interaction – classical “ambassador” programs need to be turned into lively communities that understand each others needs, interact and work together – which the occasional wine-and-dine ambassador event does not satisfy.

Considering the lessons of the Corona pandemic and the huge challenges to solve the climate crisis, international travel might no longer be the first choice any more to exchange information. Many a trip will come under scrutiny and may be replaced through other channels of interaction. The (political) strategies and necessary investments in the destination will become a strong parameter in future active (going there) and passive (receiving – or “not-receiving” as in present Corona scenario)  travel decisions. Both sides of the game – congress organisers and CVBs of the future need to create a mutual understanding for a valid “legacy” of events.

With these aspects in mind, we at tmf dialogue marketing are here to help create such new communities and interaction in the space of congress and meeting planning and to go new ways with our Convention Bureau Partners. With our huge global network of associations, organisations, corporations, innovators and entrepreneurs as well as “influencers” we network in relevant context – and with our expertise to identify and create inspiring stories we make sure that Convention Bureaus and destination suppliers with a strong innovation focus can dive deeper into research and developments around them.

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