Through enormous energy savings and sustainable development, the Prague Congress Centre has become a showcase of sustainability and environmental protection. In spring this year, the extensive reconstruction of the technical background was completed.

“It is clear today that the planned savings of CZK 21.9 million, which is about 30% of the total energy costs in 2013, has been exceeded and the investment of CZK 126 million will return earlier than it was guaranteed. ENESA from CEZ ESCO, which carried out the whole reconstruction of the PCC, has modernized the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting of the building using the EPC method, i.e. energy services with a guaranteed result,“ says Luděk Bednář, Technical Department Director.

ENESA’s energy management reduces energy consumption through various measures and optimizes waste management. All processes are monitored in a technical center by specialists.

Perfect technique

The intelligent control system responds to all changes and regulates the performance of engines, cooling machines and heat sources exactly according to the weather, the geographical orientation of individual spaces, the occupancy of rooms and halls and the concentration of CO² in the air.

The system simply measures and evaluates everything and, depending on the number of people in the room, exchanges more or less air. Depending on the outside temperature it switches on or off the heating or cooling and, of course, can prepare the space according to the schedule so that the optimal temperature is reached at the exact hour of the event. The air is filtered and cleaned of dust, pollen and other allergens.

With the help of heat exchangers, 100% used air is converted into clean air. The waste air passes part of its heat on the heat exchanger and preheats it. The waste heat recovery system reduces heat and cold consumption considerably.

Bright Future

Looking to the future, modernization was an important step for the Prague Congress Centre to continue to be competitive. “We are not indifferent to what we leave behind. We are a place where people are educated, they gain new knowledge and information and aim at valuable goals. Of course, we want to contribute to this. We want to be environmentally friendly, socially responsible, we want to promote good things to the same extent as we strive to provide our clients with the best conditions, safety and comfort while organizing their meetings,“ says Lenka Žlebková, Sales and Marketing Director.

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