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ecomice for sustainable supply chains in the meetings industry

PRESS RELEASE – IMEX Frankfurt 2022

May 23, 2022

ecomice is a consultancy and PR / marketing initiative for sustainable legacy and new supply chains in destinations. ecomice is an initiative of tmf dialogue, a MICE focussed expert for business at the interface of conferences, economic development and sustainability.

With ecomice, we evaluate and structure existing sustainability strategy initiatives in destinations and help with the practical implementation and communication of the programs.

ecomice develops new legacy projects that contribute to solving specific environmental problems.

ecomice is based on a new type of cooperation between planners and suppliers – transparent, at eye level, in an honest exchange about possibilities and limitations. The goal is, to find new solutions together and to share them with as many colleagues as possible.

The meetings industry must quickly take the necessary measures to protect the environment and commit to a new way of doing business – to be able to hold events and congresses with a clear conscience in the future. Budgets used for MICE should always be spent in a way to bring about positive changes.

The ecomice explorers project for IMEX 2022 in Frankfurt involves selected MICE planners who seriously strive for more sustainability in their programs – and connects them with selected destinations. The exemplary concepts and strategies presented during the program, serve as a suggestion for the planners and promote the honest exchange of open questions and challenges on both sides.

A new communication concept introduces all stakeholders involved in the project and connects them with each other on various platforms in order to meet the need for more exchange and cooperation.

All portraits of the ecomice explorers and the destinations participating, are available on LinkedIn in the ecomice showcase.

Planners and providers who are committed to sustainability are cordially invited to contact us and help bringing this new concept to action.

Event planners and DMCs can particularly benefit from ecomice concept and ideas. Contact Johanna Fischer, Managing Director tmf dialogue/ecomice for further questions.


Travelling today means to reduce negative impact as much as possible and to take responsibility for the destinations we choose to visit.

Our collaborative business model at ecomice supports stakeholders and destinations to see MICE offers in a new context and to develop products from this background.

We communicate and connect a destination’s sustainable developments across policies, academics, industry, environment and society, identify new audiences and promote a new generation of responsible business events.

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Johanna Fischer, Managing Director tmf dialogue/ecomice

Germany, May 23, 2022