From September 10-14, the 42nd FEBS congress (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) will be held at the well-known International Convention Center ICC in Jerusalem.

The 2017 FEBS Congress, entitled “From molecules to cells and back”, will cover the entire spectrum of molecular life sciences with symposia that include cancer biology, chromatin structure and epigenetic modifications, molecular neuroscience, medicinal chemistry and much more.

Pioneers and leading researchers from all aspects of molecular life sciences have confirmed their participation. Among the plenary speakers are Nobel laureate Robert J. Lefkowitz (Duke University), Patrick Cramer (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen), Carol Robinson (University of Oxford), Marcelo Rubinstein (University of Buenos Aires), Jonathan Weissman (University of California) and Feng Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). All in all, more than 1,200 prominent researchers, scientists and doctors from all over Europe and more than 500 researchers and academics from Israel are expected to attend the congress.

Prof. Michal Sharon, vice chairman of the Israel Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:
“It was a great achievement to convince the organization’s leadership to come to Israel, the decision was made at a problematic time, during the military Operation ” Protective Edge”, when various groups in the world called for a boycott of the State of Israel. Nevertheless, Prof. Abdussalam Azem (Professor of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University) and Professor Israel Pecht, who served as general secretary of FEBS at the time, succeeded in convincing to hold the Congress in Israel, thanks to its esteemed status in the world, as a leading country for research in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology. “

According to Prof. Michal Sharon: “The organization’s management held a vote, and in the end elected to come to ICC Jerusalem in 2017. As time approaches, the excitement in Israel among researchers and practitioners in these areas is evident. We are preparing for a fascinating conference, and we hope that during the course of it some new scientific discoveries will be revealed for relief of all humanity. “

In addition, there will be early-bird practical sessions, and discussion sessions on topics such as science and society, careers and education. Active participation of delegates is encouraged through short talks, speed talks, and poster sessions. Furthermore, the FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF), intended to promote interactions between pre- and post-doctoral scientists, is scheduled just before the Congress, on September 7–10th, 2017.

About FEBS
The Federation of European Biochemical Societies is a charitable organization supporting research and education in molecular life sciences through its journals, fellowships, courses, congress and other activities – and it brings together the thousands of members of national biochemistry and molecular biology societies in Europe and neighbouring regions.

Source: ICC Jerusalem International Convention Centre