March 21 is the international Day of Forests (IDF) according to the United Nations and all around the globe activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting and awareness campaigns, will be organized.

The theme for 2021 is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being”.

When referring to the guideline provided through the UN’s sustainable development goals, initiatives to help forests connect to several of the goals defined, particularly to #13 (climate change and impacts) and #15 (terrestrial ecosystems recovery programs) and should be on the agenda of all nations and companies engaged in sustainability initiatives.

When planning a corporate or association event in Gran Canaria, an integration of programs like TreeMAC provide meaningful legacy opportunities: the Convention Bureau of Gran Canaria helps planners identifying possible involvement in volunteer programs, education, funding campaigns and many more.

To consider support of local initiatives is a wonderful opportunity for the organizations to prove a serious engagement in sustainability programs and more meaning for their events.

The forest topic in particular can be a reason in itself to choose Gran Canaria as destination for conferences or events related to industries around wood, wood products, climate, water, design (from wood), aromatic and herbal products and many more. And of course it is a match for all other organizations as a subject of the highest relevance to our health, food, and nature.

Research into best practice and methods, conservation and awareness campaigns are the main modules of the TreeMAC project, as part of a bigger initiative called MAC (Madeira — Azores — Canary Islands) 2014 – 2020, 85% of which are funded by the European Regional Development Fund-FEDER. Details about MAC 2014 – 2020 here

The partner countries from Africa are Cape Verde, Senegal, and Mauritania, all of them consisting of unique ecosystems — that is why all partners want to develop a common strategy for the protection of their cooperating territories.

Reforestation, securing water supplies, volunteer activities and many more are part of the Tree MAC program – and here the 5 main objectives of InterregMAC


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