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Vibrant coral reef designed to reward curiosity and build community

The IMEX Group reveals a brand-new look for its October edition of PlanetIMEX today, unveiling an underwater world brimming with sea life, treasure chests and a giant iridescent clam shell.

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Starting Monday October 12, visitors can enjoy an aquatic education, networking and business experience inspired by IMEX’s 2020 Talking Point: “NATURE – What we can do for nature, and what nature can do for us”. This time around, in celebration and honour of keeping the world’s oceans clean, clear and abundant, the IMEX team has designed a brightly coloured, 3-D coral reef bursting with fish, seashells, seaweed and submerged Roman columns.

A giant iridescent clam shell hosts the main education stage while a message in a bottle is home to the new, must-read PlanetIMEX Daily News. Perhaps most poignantly, a turtle swimming above the other sea creatures represents the place to go for all sustainability stories.

Once again, all PlanetIMEX’s features are interactive and designed to encourage exploration and reward curiosity. All education and other experiences, including a new social and entertainment concept – Monday Funday on 12 October – are provided free of charge.

As Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group explains,

“Like many other event organisers who moved rapidly to producing an online experience once Covid hit, we learned a lot first time around! We’ve incorporated all of those learnings into this October edition of PlanetIMEX and, because we like to challenge ourselves, we’ve raised the bar on the visual experience, our learning and education programme and also the variety and creativity of the social and community-building experiences we’re offering. If people thought our first edition was impactful, I can’t wait for them to experience this version of PlanetIMEX from 12 October.”

Experience an animated tour of the new PlanetIMEX here.

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PlanetIMEX, October edition, will burst into watery life from 12 – 16 October.