Visit Faroe Islands Meetings have asked their local stakeholders to share views on the new “HEIM” tourism strategy for the Faroe Islands. Rasmus Rosendahl of Remót Travel shares here his “translation” of the strategy for the work they do at Remót Travel:

1) What experiences from the islands’ rich cultural life, music, dining, gastronomy, art, shopping, etc. do you recommend to groups during WINTER season?

The Faroe Islands are a great place for unique and enchanting experiences, also during the winter season. Here are some I can recommend:

  • Explore the Faroese music scene by attending a “home concert” where local artists will perform in village households.
  • Embrace Faroese gastronomy by trying local winter specialities. Indulge in hearty, warming dishes like Faroese slow-cooked lamb or fresh North Atlantic seafood.
  • Visit a local art workshop and let a local artist guide you through our islands’ rich cultural heritage through art.
  • Despite the winter chill, the Faroe Islands’ natural beauty remains breathtaking. Consider guided winter hikes to witness the stunning landscapes, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains and fjords.
  • Explore local markets and shops for unique Faroese handicrafts. Traditional Faroese knitwear makes for excellent gifts and reminders of your winter visit.

2) The Faroe Islands commit to a total of 9 out of 17 Sustainable Goals of the UNAgenda, which refer to a) environmental b) community related and c) education and gender equality.

a) Which is your personal favorite?

My personal favourite among the SDGs is Goal 12 (Sustainable consumption and production patterns), which directly relates to the ethos of responsible tourism and mindful travel experiences.

b) Can you share an idea for a program which refers to one or several of those goals?

At REMÓT Travel, we specialise in crafting authentic experiences centred around the locals. In doing so, we aim to incorporate sustainable practices into every aspect of the travel experience to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism industry in the Faroe Islands.

3) What needs the most attention for a balanced and sustainable development in your “HEIM”?

Given our unique environment and close-knit communities, sustainable development is a crucial topic for the Faroe Islands.

The key to a balanced and sustainable development in the Faroe Islands lies in carefully managing tourism impact, engaging local communities, and preserving our natural and cultural heritage for future generations. It’s about finding harmony between growth and conservation.

This may include implementing sustainable tourism practices, promoting responsible travel behaviour, and ensuring infrastructure development is carried out with environmental considerations.

Additionally, community engagement is vital. Balancing tourism growth means involving local communities in decision-making processes and ensuring that the benefits of tourism are shared across the population. This fosters a sense of ownership among us locals and helps preserve our unique cultural heritage.

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