The “White Guide” is the leading restaurant guide in the Nordic countries and it rated in total 10 Lithuanian restaurants this year. Gourmets in countries such as Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania attach great significance to “White Guide” ratings when they choose a restaurant because the ratings guarantee reliability and quality.

Vincents” in Riga was recognised as the best restaurant in the Baltic states. The highest rating in Lithuania was awarded to “Sweetroot” in Vilnius, which was also rated as the fourth best restaurant in the top 30 restaurants in the Baltic states, the sixth place went to “Gastronomika” (Vilnius), the ninth place went to “Telegrafas” (Vilnius), “Monai” (Klaipėda) took tenth place, “Dublis” (Vilnius) was the twelfth, and “Uoksas” (Kaunas) was the twenty-second. In addition, “White Guide” ratings were given to “Gaspar’s” (Vilnius), “Lauro lapas” (Vilnius), “Monte Pacis” (Kaunas), and “Bučeris” (Vilnius).

The restaurants are assessed by professional reviewers on criteria such as food, service, beverages, and setting/atmosphere.

“The Baltic countries have their own proud culinary traditions, their own regional climate conditions and biotopes, but the practice of using various techniques to exploit and preserve what the brief growing season provides is as deeply rooted as in the Nordics, indeed even more deeply. If the Baltic region’s cuisines continue to develop the way they are doing now and cultivate their distinctiveness, more people will discover that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are worth a journey,” said Anna Michelson Bodemark, Editor-in-Chief for the Baltic part of the guide.

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