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Resilience, an open mindset and close-knit community are solid foundations for success in adapting to a new reality. Latvians pride themselves on being agile, open to experiments and tackling challenges. The capital city Riga is a true playground for innovation. In 2020 alone an indoor festival became a musical picnic, a theatre company produced its first TV show and an abandoned building site blossomed into allotments. Surrendering to circumstances was never on the cards. Business, social lives and cultural initiatives have simply taken on new formats. MEET RĪGA and the organisers of the 5G Techritory forum extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to discover the capabilities of the local events industry and the power of #phygital. 

5G Techritory Forum – Proving #Phygital Can Be Just as Efficient and Memorable as Live Events

The 5G Techritory Forum gathers innovators, legislators and investors with a common interest in advancing the 5G ecosystem. The 2020 forum is proudly #phygital, allowing participants to connect from the comfort of their home country. Through the online platform each participant can build their own programme choosing topics of interest at the most convenient times. Lectures, discussions and one-to-one meetings – it’s all possible. Riga is just one hour ahead of Central European Time, convenient for joining live from the Middle East and elsewhere.

Believing that the key to the future lies in collaboration, the organisers have invited speakers and attendees from a range of backgrounds to encourage industry crossover and lightbulb moments. Attending this year are ministers, researchers, urbanists and other professionals united by enthusiasm and a genuine passion for positive change. With an agenda designed to surprise, there’s no risk of conference monotony.

As Lauris Morics, spokesperson of and explains:

“It all started with the big bang. NO. It all started when onsite events were no longer possible due to Covid-19 restrictions. We worked closely together with event organisers to identify new solutions and how to adjust our registration platform for online events. It was crucial to give event attendees the same interaction and engagement level as they had when attending live events. We mixed requirements from event organisers and our expertise in IT event management to create a platform that passes the onsite event experience to online events. The platform functions as a social network and at the same time provides a high level of corporate identity and security.”

The Future Is Now – Latvia’s Events Industry Proposes New #Phygital Products

While fully embracing the latest advancements in tech, Latvia’s suppliers haven’t forgotten the age-old charm of a live event. New products are designed to reflect and respect the new reality while still ensuring a sense of place, quality networking experience and memories to treasure. Think live guided tours, pop-up performances and cocktail hours. All can be arranged to connect and involve participants from around the world.

“Getting back to normal will take some time, and events will look different in the interim. Virtual experiences can be as effective as traditional face to-face meetings and events, but they must be orchestrated differently. Working closely together with our technology partners, we can help you deliver a successful virtual event”

so Janis Priede, Director of Sales at the Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & SPA Hotel reassures.

For participants attending in person, large chunks of the programme can take place outdoors. In Riga this could be an open-air museum, a rooftop or even an island – whatever best suits a client’s wishes, corporate identity and goal. The events industry is united in its willingness to adapt and innovate with health and safety in mind.

Experience #Phygital Events in Riga with the Help of MEET RĪGA

5G Techritory and MEET RĪGA invite you to join the forum and get a first-hand experience of #phygital events. To be a part of the 5G Techritory event, please register:

To organise a similar event in Riga, Aigars Smiltāns of MEET RĪGA will be happy to help by e-mail at is a free-of-charge one-stop-shop for discovering the opportunities Riga provides. Suppliers need only complete an online RFP to receive tailored proposals straight to their inbox. Are you ready for #phygital? Because Riga’s already living it.


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