Palacongressi di Rimini has recently been reconfirmed as leading conference facility in Italy. Now, Rimini has found its latest reason to celebrate and rejoice.

Rimini and its Riveria bagged the 4th position on the national ranking in the 2017 OSCARS for the best leisure tourist destination in Italy. This ranking was drawn up by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST) at the Rimini Campus of the Bologna University. It was based on a survey of 200,000 international tourists carried out over the last 3 years by Banca d’Italia. The top 3 places were bagged by Udine, Ancona and Trento followed by Rimini at fourth position beating mainstream destinations like Venice and Rome.

This ranking takes into account not only the tourist spots and activities that the destination offers, but also the customer satisfaction based on what they expected and what they experienced. Another important criterion for the ranking is the value for money that the tourists received. Rimini scored exceedingly well on all these fronts thus strengthening its position as one of Italy’s favourite place to visit. Tourists also vouched for the courtesy and kindness they experienced and the ease of travel information made available to them.

So, make sure to put Rimini on your radar for the next holidays and experience Italian hospitality at its best.

You can find more information about the Palacongressi di Rimini on tmf-dialogue-net.

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