Sonata Bražinskienėk, Corporate Director of The First Coffee, an events management company based in Vilnius, shares her ideas on Vilnius and its future as an international location for various events.

1. What is special about The First Coffee – where is your strength when it comes to organizing a meeting or incentive?
“The First Coffee” – is a leading events management agency with more than 15 years of experience working with major companies and important public figures. Therefore, we have a number of great connections and trustworthy alliances as well as experience that has shaped our decision making. Our alliances are the best in their field and can be relied on to supply the tools to help us create a high quality event experience. Our goal is to fulfill the clients wishes, whims, intentions and expectations; we want to justify your confidence in us.

Over the years, the project managers that have gathered in this company are the best in the field, who have immense imaginations for the unique and they cater to the clients’ wishes. Our strength is working with professionals who have the experience to carry out all the new ideas and concepts and are always interested in innovating.

2. What are the greatest benefits of Vilnius as a city in the eyes of international planners?
Vilnius is one of the fastest growing cities in the Baltics, it has become a major hub for economic, social and environmental change in Lithuania. Due to this and advancements in lighting, engagement and transport, Vilnius was listed in “The New Economy’s” list of Top Smart Cities. It continues to develop and grow, hence the innovative and unique architecture; if you look at Vilnius from above the landscape is filled with glass skyscrapers as well as historical church towers and old era buildings that are now hotels. Visitors can expect spell-binding hotels that have that luxurious feeling or places such as the National Gallery of Art, open and modern, which delivers a very minimalisitic feeling. There are many options for a venue, so there are no limits to the imagination. Every planner would consider themselves lucky to host an event in Vilnius as they would be able to find a perfect location fit for any idea they have. Another important part of Vilnius is nature, it has many green spaces, which is highly unusual compared to other capital cities around the world. The botanical garden, for example, offers the perfect location for an interesting outdoor event!

3. Do you have any new ideas on how to market Vilnius in the international congress space?
Yes, I have a few ideas that could be included within a marketing campaign.

1. The modernization of Vilnius spaces as well as being able to work with the latest technology is a huge opportunity for international planners that are seeking unique perspectives and new ideas.

2. As well as showing a lot of progress Vilnius has been acknowledged as a city with a bright future for intl. congress as fDI Intelligence ranking, Vilnius was awarded the title of Eastern Europe city of the future, outperforming the other capitals of other Western and Eastern European cities.

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Your contact at The First Coffee:
Sonata Bražinskienėk
Corporate Director
tel. +370 68856682

Your contact in Vilnius:
Jolanta Beniuliene
Head of Vilnius Tourism and Convention Bureau
Go Vilnius | The official international economic
development agency of the City of Vilnius
tel. +370 5 212 1833

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Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manger Content & PR
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