Strong message for climate mitigation: ICCA GAF 23 and Visit Faroe Islands Meetings getting involved in helping to restoring nature!

The design of a special legacy project as part of the ICCA Global Association Forum 23, which ended last week, marks an important turning point in the message of conferences: the protection of fragile nature and the connection between ecosystems and water balance is placed at the center of the conference program and is actively shaped.

By contributing to a practical protection program, awareness is raised about the larger context and conference participants can see the result of their efforts and feel the satisfaction of it. A meaningful joint experience creates valuable memories – of the conference and of the destination.

The Faroese National Museum, Tjóðsavnið, serves as a research institution in charge of various ecosystems to protect the fragile nature of the islands. The Lendisbati project selected for this legacy program, deals with nature conservation and landslide restoration.

Together with Visit Faroe Islands Meeting, a program was designed that enables sponsors like ICCA to actively participate and provide practical help for nature conservation. The sensitive wet meadows and soils of the islands are increasingly damaged by agricultural use and drainage. Draining valuable wetlands destroys the ecosystem – flat ground surfaces on rocky ground and in steep areas lose grip and slide, often on the shortest route, into the ocean. The loss of valuable ecosystems directly increases CO2 emissions, prevents future neutralization of carbon pollutants, and must therefore be prevented and renatured.

Bringing the ICCA Global Forum Delegates into Action:

During their visit, the ICCA Global Forum delegates were actively involved in a significant task – putting up the first protective fence around a designated area, to keep sheep away. This step is crucial for the project’s continuation.

To understand the impact of this activity and how it contributes to the larger restoration goals, there is a clear plan in place. The main objective of the project is to transform the natural environment positively and make it stronger. With the environment facing increasing pressures, the aim is to relieve some of this stress and promote a balanced coexistence.

In the video clip you see and feel the joy of collaboration and meaningful connections made by the delegates of the 2023 ICCA Global Association Forum in the Faroe Islands!

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Johanna Fischer for Visit Faroe Islands Meetings, 19.09.2023