ecomice identifies and communicates new MICE programs around sustainable and innovative developments and works with planners to research their needs.

Innovation, Business Development, and Ecology: to review the supply chains involved in a successful meeting or event means to work with rather than against any selected destinations’ (and our overall) sustainable existence. This is important for both the suppliers and the planners. Many unexplored opportunities can add happiness and contentment for the participants by contributing to positive change. Collaborate with us to look differently at motivation and perspectives for international MICE programs!

ecomice is an initiative of tmf dialogue and is based on our expertise of connecting destinations, stakeholders, and planners in purposeful ways. We ask, what sustainable strategies are important for the future of the destination and need to be part of the marketing. And how can supporting these strategies add new experiences for conferences, meetings, or events.

If a destination lacks water, we can’t pretend it’s none of our business. If we do, it will fire back, as everything is connected to everything. This is but one example.

The new generation of business events needs to embrace and actively engage with what is relevant for all of us. New motivation will come from us taking control and becoming part of the solution rather than the problem.

Join us in this effort and help make sustainable experiences valuable and joyful!

Contact Johanna Fischer at if you want to be part of our hosted buyers group for IMEX Frankfurt or introduce your destination’s sustainable MICE initiatives!


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals