Our society is becoming increasingly digital, and so is the meetings industry. However, that doesn’t mean that you can always skip out of face to face meetings. In some scenarios, personal meetings are vital. Business travel can also become a necessary boost for a company’s reputation and growth. Dan Blacharski, an author at Entrepreneur, spoke to a few high profile business men and women to gather a few tips on how to best take stress out of business travel and enjoy yourself in the process.

Why is business travel so stressful?

For many, including Mark Weinstien (SVP and Global Head of Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Partnerships at Hilton), entering the unknown and losing control can be a huge stress factor during their travels. Being in a new environment also naturally stresses your body and mind.

How can you decrease stress during travel?

The best way is to block some time for yourself during the trip, usually towards the end. Make it into a mini vacation getaway! 61% of Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card from Chase survey participants answered they add a personal day to their business trip and 36% just don’t schedule any meetings for the last day to give themselves an opportunity to unwind before returning to business as usual.

Make sure not to go over budget – that is just an uneccessary stress factor you are willingly taking on. As I mentioned before, we are becoming a digital society, use this to your advantage! Use price comparison websites like trivago when booking hotels, you should be able to find a good balance between price and luxury.

New or different surroundings are already a large enough schock to your system, keep routines in their place to prevent any further stress on your body.

And remember to be positive! Remind yourself that no matter how stressful the trip may be, it will present amazing opportunities to you and your business!

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