Following the recent interview with Agnes Mols Mortensen of TARI Seaweed, we showcase a few of their products here. They can be ordered directly from the webshop at TARI and make very nice and sensible motivational gifts to bridge the time until a planned event in the Faroe Islands can finally happen again!

The TARI products, taste and health effects:

TARI has 4 dried seaweed products on the market. These are finished high end food products for seasoning and cooking.

The nicely designed bags familiarize with a sustainable food product made from seaweed, farmed and harvested in the Faroe Islands. Seaweed is a natural and healthy replacement for salt.

Recipes can be provided by TARI through, and the seaweed bags make nice little presents. They add to the flavours (like a natural glutamate) — and are an awesome seasoning for fish dishes, pasta and other meals.

Their strongest health effect is achieved through the fibers of the seaweed. As we generally don’t eat enough fibers, seaweed is great for a better digestion. Seaweed also has many vitamins and minerals, it can reduce salt intake, and it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

All TARI products can be shipped to anywhere in Europe, and they are compatible with European food laws.

Quantities are available for 20 / 50 / 100 items per product and packs of individual or all 4 different items are available. Please allow around 2 weeks for packing plus shipping time, costs for shipping can be pre-clarified with TARI.

For more information contacts Agnes Mols Mortensen through the TARI website


Non-travel incentive products from the Faroe Islands create excitement and pleasant anticipation and motivate for an event in the islands!