Just a week ago, The Independent, UK, reasserted the position of the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, as the “vegan capital of the world.” And Tel Aviv definitely proves it is more than worthy of this title. There are around 200K-300K vegans in the city and the numbers have been growing non-stop since 2012. What is the reason for this sudden craze for vegan food there you might ask. Well, the Independent put it in the best possible words – “With 400 vegan and vegan-friendly kitchens catering to most of Israel’s 200K vegans, going meat-free isn’t just easy, here; it’s a chance to sample the best food in town. Thanks to the sun-kissed climate, high quality fruit and vegetable is never too far – you can see it in the color, taste it in the flavor and smell it in the aroma of what’s on your plate.

The ready availability of fresh, healthy and colorful vegan produce has inspired a series of entrepreneurs here who have discovered their own ways to make the best out of it. The local markets are filled with heaps of fresh aubergines, tomatoes, artichokes, zucchini, beet, courgettes, bright green leafy vegetables and succulent fresh fruits. The cuisine here is influenced by Russian, Polish, Arabic, Moroccan, Bulgarian, Iraqi flavors along with their traditional practices. It gives endless possibilities of dishes that can be prepared and served to the ever appreciating crowd. It is said that in Tel Aviv, it is possible to eat a tomatoe the same day it has been picked up from the field. It no surprise then that the people of this city are hooked on to this vegan trend. There are 300 certified vegan products available here, which include not only edible produce but also, leather free shoes.

If this article has whetted your appetite for a vegan extravaganza, plan your next trip to Israel and check out these famous restaurants in Tel Aviv: Meshek Barzilay, Nanuchka, Bana, Café Kaymak. Happy Eating!