We’ve found a great example of a successful digitally-native-vertical-brand (DNVB) coming from this group of islands!

Now you wonder what exactly is a DNVB? These are brands solely based on digital presentation, sales and marketing, created by digital natives who use the internet as their only space of action …

One such example is Guðrun & Guðrun, based in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands! The idea is based on using what the Faroese have in abundance: sheep and wool (80.000 sheep on 50.000 inhabitants) and women who know how to knit and need work!
With these key ingredients and lots of good ideas Guðrun & Guðrun have created a globally recognized brand with great knitted products, all hand-made from local wool and very fashionable!

Guðrun & Guðrun have a very nice Christmas calendar, where you can win something every day:
You can subscribe here for the remaining days before Christmas! bit.ly/2gI7Ig5

More about Guðrun & Guðrun: www.gudrungudrun.com

More about the Faroer Islands and it’s unique lifestyle/MICE opportunities: bit.ly/1Mzum4d
and finally, more about digitally-native-vertical-brands: bit.ly/2ghsGki