Professional Congress Organizers or PCOs as it is commonly known, are the experts in the organizing of a conference or event. PCOs are specialists that can take care of the minutest detail of your event from what areas to focus on, concepts which are trending, important technical aspects, personalized attention for participants to immaculate time management for the entire event.

At the Annual Meeting of the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers in Tokyo last February, four experts of PCOs from 4 different corners of the world were asked questions about the importance of PCOs and their answers offer a deep insight for all associations and related organizations.

photo: ©IAPCO

These experts are Mathias Posch (IAPCO President; ICS Canada), Kayo Nomura (Host 2018 AM&GA; Congress Corporation, Tokyo), Marta Cabre (Atlanta, Spain) and Bertrand Joehr (Symporg SA, Switzerland).

The questions posed to them were:
1) What is, according to you, the added value for an association to work with a PCO?
2) What are the latest trends you have experienced regarding association conferences/meetings?
3) What does it mean to you and to your clients to be IAPCO certified?

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