The famtrip to the Faroe Islands, from June 2-5, was a great experience for all of us. We spent the 3 nights in Hotel Føroyar, a 4-star facility which lies on the edge of the city of Tórshavn, surrounded by nature! Thanks to its architecture you get a view of the Atlantic Ocean from each hotel room. With its different conference rooms, the hotel offers great possibilities for the MICE business. To learn more about it, I’ve talked to Thora Augustinussen, Sales and Marketing Manager of Hotel Føroyar.

1. Can you please tell me something about yourself? How long have you worked for Hotel Føroyar?
My name is Thora Augustinussen and I am the Sales and Marketing Manager at Hotel Føroyar. I am 36 years old and I live together with my boyfriend and my 2 years old son in Tórshavn. Born and raised up in Tórshavn but I have like other young people in the Faroe Islands studied and worked abroad for many years.

I have worked in the Faroese tourist business since 2000 where I have worked and studied at the local tourist Information VisitTorshavn and local DMC Greengate Incoming. I have worked at Hotel Føroyar since 2010. I started in the reception and then I was so lucky to get this title in the start of 2011 after taking a Profession BA in Hospitality Management in Copenhagen.

Thora Augustinussen, Sales and Marketing Manager of Hotel Føroyar
Thora Augustinussen, Sales and Marketing Manager of Hotel Føroyar

2. What does your hotel offer for business guests?
Hotel Føroyar is a city hotel close to nature. In peaceful surroundings you can collect your thoughts and go deeply into the subjects.
The Hotel has 106 rooms and 4 suites, all with a spectacular view over Tórshavn, the bay and the islands of Nólsoy, classic Danish design funiture and lighting.

Hotel Føroyar features seven conference rooms suitable for small or medium-sized conferences, meetings or breakout sessions. The conference facilities can accommodate up to 400 visitors. Hotel Føroyar offers a variety of private dining options in all of our seven venues. Our kitchen prepares delightful courses using local seasonal products where possible.

3. What are your goals in the future?
Keep up with the ongoing work to market the Faroe Islands as a MICE destination so that we can even the high season with the low season. In this way the tourism in the Faroe Islands can by my opinion blossom even more.

4. What was the most exciting event/meeting taking place at your hotel?
In January 2011 we had a group of 200 young consultants from Deloitte Business visiting the Faroe Islands on an incentive trip. With the flexibilities in our facilities we managed to host different types of events for the group from a 5 courses fine dinner to “White Sensation” techno party where we lit up the sky with amazing lights. The groups feedback was that Hotel Føroyar was the best hotel they had stayed in due to the location, the standard and size of the rooms and the quality of the local food. This was a group that had visited Dubai and several destinations in Europe.

5. In your opinion, what are the unbeatable reasons to organize an event/incentive in the Faroe Islands?
1. The authenticity: Many destinations seem to be getting more alike, the contrast to the Faroe Islands becomes even greater. There is no pre-determined route, no fence to stand behind and no plastic signs telling you what to see and feel.

2. The Remoteness: The Faroe Islands may be close in distance but are far, far from everyday life. Far from stressful obligations. Far from traffic jams and crowds. Far from normality and everyday routines.

Thank you very much for answering our questions!

Your contact at Hotel Føroyar:
Thora Augustinussen
Sales and Marketing Manager
tel. +298 217532

Your contact at Visit Faroe Islands:
Annleyg Lamhauge
Mice Marketing Manager
Phone: +298 556136

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Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
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