Do you love networking events or do you rather feel uncomfortable? Maybe you don’t have any problems when you are entering the room, when you look in the faces of all those strangers, maybe you are not insecure to join the conversation but maybe the exact opposite is the case.

We can assure you that many people feel the same; so you don’t have to worry. The Forbes Magazine gives 17 tips for navigating a networking event and making the most out of your time there:

1. Find the bar.

2. Be yourself.

3. Set reasonable expectations.

4. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

5. Take notes.

6. Introduce yourself to the organizer.

7. Treat people like friends.

8. Ask great questions.

9. Sharing is caring.

10. Consider their network.

11. Treat connection like a puzzle.

12. Don’t be a card spammer.

13. Be specific.

14. Ask yourself why they should care.

15. Be engaged.

16. Do not “work the room”.

17. Don’t be afraid to join in.

Read the whole article on by following this link and you will be prepared for your next networking event.