We research, edit and present stories about new and exciting congress destinations, updates about initiatives that match knowledge clusters and information about the meeting and congress industry at large.
The main pool for our content is the newsroom on www.tmf-dialogue.net and the company profile on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tmf-dialogmarketing-gmbh/

On LinkedIn we maintain 3 groups for you to pick from:

1) Smart-congress – particularly useful for congress planners who look for projects and initiatives in their clusters: we collect and share information about useful destination (cluster-related) presentations, case studies of initiatives and economic contexts that we find relevant.
At the moment, our focus lies on medical and health topics, initiatives for water protection and for plastic avoidance, and on women empowerment in global business.

2) India: experientialplanner MICE and weddings – as more and more international destinations look into marketing their MICE product in India we attempt to provide a picture about this market, new to many. We introduce examples of Indian business going international, of key persons, initiatives in India and updates about tmf dialogue’s Indian activities, which are the annual epex (exhibition for intl. MICE suppliers), annual roadshow covering “new markets” in India (upcoming big cities with focus on certain industries), the MICE handbook and other initiatives. Please note that also Indian associations’ congresses and events are more and more organized internationally, as global relations develop.

3) Meeting Industry content marketing and PR – In this group we inform about all kinds of cases, examples, interesting news from the MICE industry in general. The content is focused more on experiential and incentive events, tradeshows, and initiatives or new ideas.

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