Visit Faroe Islands’ new campaign promotes the business potential of the Faroe Islands relevant for global commercial or scientific communities. Case studies and portraits of experts and introductions of the special knowledge locally available, will showcase the impressive efforts of the small nation about how passion, vision, engagement and efforts can put a tiny society on a level playing field with much larger nations.

There are many interesting stories about the Faroe Islands, their remote location, their unique nature, people, traditions, food and many more.Now the different aspects of knowledge and business will ad to that magic spell and provide reason and inspiration for international meeting planners to hold their conferences on the islands.The local government and institutions demonstrated their serious engagement for the meetings industry during the last ICCA conference in Dubai in November 2018,  where the smallest attending nation (Faroe Islands) brought along the largest delegation of 10 local politicians and decision makers –  an excellent example for other countries.

Together with the launch of the new campaign, 50 different experts from the Visit Faroe Islands Ambassadors’ community came together for a brainstorming workshop during the annual Ambassadors Day on April 4. Aim of the 2019 Ambassador Day was to explain the context between international meetings and their potential for beyond-tourism impacts on the society, presented by tmf’s Johanna Fischer. A local expert in digital marketing, Jakup Justinussen, provided tipps and tricks for personal branding and interactive communication on social networks. Annleyg Lamhauge, MICE Manager of Visit Faroe Islands updated on statistics and conferences which had taken place in 2018. The highlight of the day was an intense round of discussions in cluster groups to identify the most relevant and inspiring cases and stories for their spaces.

The new content marketing campaign will highlight the main clusters of expertise prevailing on the Faroe Islands:

  • Medical and health projects, initiatives, research
  • Sports and sports events
  • Marine and fishery
  • Connectivity
  • And a mix of other topics and societal issues

All the stories will be interactively curated and shared jointly with the Ambassadors of the Faroe Islands and  international meeting planners and business communities. Visit Faroe Islands further points out the importance of the Meetings sector for their work by creating the new Sub-Brand:

Visit Faroe Islands Meetings

… supported by a new profile on LinkedIn and a separate twitter account for meeting planners to track and follow the carefully curated and focused narrative.

Please join the new channels and share the excitement of inspirational nature, people, ideas and stories!

Visit Faroe Islands Meetings and partners will be happy to meet with you at IMEX and discuss how our local expertise can be integrated in your conference!

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