We are happy to announce that we’ve relaunched our newsroom!

Digital presentation changes so fast – we were itching to do some changes! So, based on growing expertise and the ideas we had in mind, we designed a newsroom for you that is easier to navigate, has clearer visuals and presents a new structure of interesting topics.

What remained?

We are still connecting with the MICE industry, that is for sure! But the scope of topics we present is getting wider – there are not only destinations which are relevant for intl. business events, but other aspects and strategies are becoming very relevant and will come up one by one.

We’re bundling all MICE related news and stories in the category with the same name M.I.C.E., and in the SMART CONGRESS category, you will read all news and stories related to topics such as knowledge, technology, innovation, sustainability, accessibility and urban developments.

We have made sure to keep our special section called YOU!, where you find tips on self development, health, lifestyle and trends.

What’s new?

With EPEX, we’ve created a new section for our Indian brand Experiential Planner (EP) and the annual Experiential Planner Expo with it’s growing importance in a buzzing business environment.

New MICE markets are establishing themselves worldwide and we think it is important to follow the development in countries like India, Indonesia, UAE and GCC and many other – hence it was time for a category about NEW MARKETS.

In FACES we follow our principle of being personal, showing human aspects and not taking everything so super serious. You find interviews with opinion leaders and planners alike, as well as portraits.

ABOUT US directly leads you to our tmf corporate website and provides bullet points about our work.

We’re inviting you to have a look at the newsroom and we hope you enjoy – and use – it! Also please make sure to subscribe to our regular newsletter, so you don’t miss it when we present new info worthy sharing!.

Your contact at tmf dialogue marketing:
Ulrike Kiesel
Head of Content & PR
tel. +49 (0)931 9002 114