Wouldn’t your customers, your team or your key employees desperately need a break from this turbulent year (nearly) behind us? And wouldn’t an extra portion of vitamin D bring a fresh kick of motivation to anybody’s business development after all the pandemic concerns?

May we in this case recommend Gran Canaria as a suitable destination for all kinds of motivational events in the next few months (and of course afterwards too …). An exciting and multi-facetted island, exotic enough to compensate for all those broken plans this year and close enough to get there safely and directly.

Lots of nature, fresh air, healthy and delicious food and of course with plenty sun even for the winter months to endure and recharge energy batteries.

During the next few weeks we would like to present you different people, ideas, safety measures, experiences and perspectives of both German planners and our local partners in the island.

The Convention Bureau Gran Canaria cordially invites therefore all local stakeholders and business partners from Europe and around the globe to explore options for new events together. To be good for all of us! You can be sure that we are offering you a great and exciting product – in new versions relevant for these times and in a safe destination that promotes clear thinking.


Follow the profile of Gran Canaria Convention Bureau on LinkedIn and join us in creating a community of shared interest that will help create new solutions for everybody.


On December 10th we organize a joint virtual discussion to exchange experiences and expectations from the destination.

If you have had an incentive, a conference or an event on the island of Gran Canaria in the last 2-3 years and would like to share your experience, please contact me directly to discuss your participation!  

Let us start working together!