Villa Erba is the only destination to offer expansive gardens, a lake, a villa, and a conference centre all on the same property! The villa and conference centre are able to be used simultaneously during one event, along with outdoor facilities, creating a great opportunity for individualization and creativity during event planning. The facilities are empty when you take over, to ensure you can personally decide on every last detail.

The villa itself will make any event extraordinary! Formerly the summer residence of the Erba family, the estate can serve as a backdrop to private or large international events. Due to the remote location of the villa, you do not need to worry about neighbors – do what you please!


The ground level is made up of a foyer and three separate adjoining rooms. The ground level rooms are usually used for lunches, dinners, and receptions. The festivities can also be brought outside thanks to the large terraces surrounding the villa.


The first floor was home to the Erba family’s bedrooms. Since these rooms are smaller and more intimate, they generally host one-on-one or private meetings. A part of the first floor has been turned into “The Rooms of Luchino Visconti” museum (available to visit with a private appointment) which displays the original layout of the rooms as well as the Italian director’s deep ties with the villa.


The garden is another highlight and chance to host a once in a lifetime event for your guests. Depending on the weather, events can be hosted entirely outdoors or a space can be created for guests to relax during the event. The lake was named “the most beautiful lake in the world” by the Huffington Post. A private peer and helicopter landing are available to transport guests to and from their accommodations.


Villa Erba’s congress centre brings a surprising touch of modernity to the property! The centre allows yet another factor of personalization. 3 wings sprout from the circular pavilion, which are able to be used independently or simultaneously during an event. The main circular pavilion is extremely well equipped for international business events with top quality acoustics and modern technology. The 10.000 sq. m. structure can hold up to 500 stands or 28 individual meeting rooms ranging from 50 to 1500 seats.

This video gives a really good overview of what to expect!

Take a look online at the brochure and blueprints to find out more details about Villa Erba and the surrounding Como region!

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