The city’s interest is to develop investments, talent, intl. competitiveness in research and carefully picked business segments – to create prosperity, quality of life and a good future for the community and the people.

Meeting and Congress Planners seek context and connections in their business segments; they look for innovation and quality in infrastructure and appreciate smart attitude of “officials” to be able to create best matching meetings and congresses and to cooperate with local experts in their field!

Plenty of expectations!

We at tmf dialogue have the target to create this match for both sides – the destination and the meeting planners! We show interesting aspects of a meeting destination far beyond infrastructure and services, which of course remain important as a fundament to build the “soft and smart” knowledge components on.

That is why we will be sharing with you a “portrait” of the present status of development in the Baltic city of Vilnius – over the next weeks  you will find stories on, that our content team has gathered around our visit of Convene in February 2017.

We will demonstrate how a dynamic, young and creative “team” can manage a city by working together with all relevant players and finding the best way to improve city life and attract meetings and congresses!

Here is what we brought back from our recent trip and will publish for you:

1. A detailed and passionate interview with the new mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Simasius (pronounced: shimashius) about his strategies and visions, services for meeting planners, smart city initiatives and cooperation with leading experts in the city!

2. The role of “Go Vilnius” – a holistic concept to integrate all development projects of the city administration – and an interview with Dr. Darius Udrys, the new director of Go Vilnius

3. Interviews with representatives of Vilnius Airport, Hotel Association, Invest Lithuania

4. Interviews with leading and super engaged researchers at the university of Vilnius

5. Meetings with investors, start-ups and the visions of LitExpo and Convene for a dynamic future

All this we will spice up with stories from new hotels, local service partners and whatever interesting that comes along our “curation” way for meeting planners! Share your comments and what you find the most interesting subjects, so we can provide you with relevant and matching stories on meeting destinations and –services!!

Get inspired, feel some of the passion and engagement of all these stakeholders and plan your next conference or congress in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania to experience the spirit first-hand!

Johanna and Ulrike of tmf dialogue