Opened in 2016, Sapiegos Vilnius Tech Park is the biggest technology hub for startups and other businesses within the ICT sector in the Baltics and Nordics. Vilnius Tech Park is located only 15 minutes walk from Vilnius city centre and consists of an area of 9000+ sqare metres. Hosting more than 750 entrepreneurs, the technology park is bringing both local and international talents from the most booming sectors, such as gaming, finance technology, data mining, cyber security and digital design.

Executive Director Darius Žakaitis: “Our goal is to bring together prospective startups, established technology companies, investors, business consultants and other talented innovators to help each other grow internationally.” 

The demand is high and the waitlist to join the park was growing. Darius Žakaitis: “We have decided to offer virtual membership that will make it possible to use the park’s resources without a physical workplace.”

Approved virtual members will have the same services and opportunities as physical members. Virtual members get the chance to participate in weekly events and training courses. Included services are legal consultants from Cobalt, accountants from Integre, software services from, and much more.

This virtual membership will also be helpful for those startups or corporations that are currently aiming to launch their products or services in Lithuania or in the EU. This way, the company has an official address within Lithuania and can register their business accordingly. Mr. Žakaitis states that especially start-ups and coporations from Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine will benefit from this membership opportunity.

Virtual memberships for Tech Park are still currently in the pilot stage but will be further developed to cover all of the members’ needs.

Check out the website for the virtual Tech Park membership here!

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