Virgin Atlantic Airlines have announced their new on board Wi-Fi: the ‘Messaging Pass’ allows you to access your messaging services like Whatsapp, iMessage or Facebook for just under £3 with no data limits. For £5, you can browse the internet for an hour, and for £13 the entirety of your flight!

This service is offered on all flights, including those by partner Delta Air Lines which makes it the first airline in Europe to offer this service for all aircrafts.

So, just because you are flying doesn’t mean business has to stop! While you can’t send pictures or videos, you can surely be kept in the loop and stay updated through text until you find yourself on land again!

Virgin Atlantic’s executive VP for customers explained, “We’ve worked closely with Wi-Fi providers to develop the fastest, most reliable connection across the Atlantic, and are the first carrier to offer Wi-Fi between the UK and the Caribbean, China and Africa.”

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