Just on time for Christmas – the new Sandoy tunnel opened on 21st December 2023. The project concludes the second phase of a massive infrastructural project costing 2,600 million DKK (approx. 350M Euros) which began in 2017 with the Eysturoy tunnel (opened December 2020). Construction on the Sandoy tunnel began in June 2019.

This newest sub-sea tunnel in the Faroe Islands links the islands of Streymoy and Sandoy and is the 2nd longest sub-sea tunnel on a global level. Starting beside the ferry port at Gamlarætt, the 10,8km long tunnel replaces the old ferry route and brings residents of Sandoy within thirty minutes drive of the Faroes capital Tórshavn 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Now it will be easy to visit relatives for Christmas in any weather conditions – what a gift to the small nation’s inhabitants.

Before the tunnel opened for cars, approximately 1200 people were walking/running through the tunnel to celebrate and embrace this huge improvement in local connectivity. It will terminate the relative isolation of the island Sandoy and support the islands’ strategy of connecting all people and bringing tourism to new places, to avoid over-tourism to the fragile nature of the Faroe Islands.

all images: courtesy @Sandoyartunnilin company

Our colleague Tórstein from Hilton Garden Inn was running the 11km to celebrate his hometown Skálavík in Sandoy – we will check how he experienced this unique run and share with you later! Also you will see more information about the new art concept for this tunnel – in the Faroe Islands you indeed can have very un-ordinary entertainment, when passing the tunnels!

Congratulations to the decision makers, tunnel constructors and the people using the tunnel – may you always drive happily and safely. Happy Christmas to you all!

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