We in the Faroe Islands like connectivity! And hey, we are so connected with you if you are in a bar and/or pub crawling experience. There are a lot of great places to explore and the growing choice of different bars in Tórshavn can challenge your resilience!

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Start warming up in the Mikkeller: “Older than the USA”- According to the owners, the Mikkeller Tórshavn, is the most unique beer bar in the world. “I’m convinced that people will travel to the Faroe Islands to experience this beer bar. It’s located in a building that’s older than the USA!”

Being part of the Gist & Vist group, which also owns four restaurants located in the neighbourhood, the Mikkeller bar completes the ‘Heima í Havn’ concept: “Guests can experience traditional Faroese food and special craft beer in a unique environment that goes back over a thousand years. We like the idea of serving beer from one of the world’s best craft breweries in a 500-year-old timber house. MIkkeller is an international craft beer brand and is an attraction for beer enthusiasts all over the world.”
The Mikkeller Tórshavn bar serves 16 craft beers on tap, as well as 30 types of ‘cans and bottles’ beer from Mikkeller & Friends. Homemade Spanish-style pintxos are also on the menu. (info taken from faroeislands.fo)

OY Brewpub: If you are happy to explore more unique concepts, you can go for a stiff little beerwalk from Mikkeler to the new brewery Oy – only 20 minutes walk from downtown.
Oy is a new brewpub – that is what they call themselves. Brewing their local beer specialities on the spot, eating a bite – enjoy. Take a good inspiration from their funny website: https://www.oy.fo/en/oy and, if you have an event in the Faroe Islands, book a beertour with tasting for your delegates: https://shop.verk.fo/GistOgVist/Oy/Shop.aspx?Culture=en-GB

Sirkus: More into bars than pubs? We can offer you for example cosy Sirkus, located in the heart of Tórshavn.
The kitchen serves bar food with veggie & vegan options, and the bar serves original cocktails and local beer. On the ground floor you’ll find Bjórkovin (the Beer Hub), which is the first craft beer bar in the Faroes – serving a special selection of mainly Icelandic beer as well as specialties from around the world and always with fresh product.
During weekends Sirkus is a music and party hub in Tórshavn nightlife with live bands and local DJ’s spinning unique flavours. More about Sirkus on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/sirkusfo/ or on their website https://sirkus.fo/

Or what about the Víngarður (Vineyard)? A wine and arts bar, small, intimate and cozy and have a garden to sit outside. Here they serve wine, cocktails, tapas as well as a changing set menu. https://visittorshavn.fo/en/vingardurin/

If you are lucky, the restaurant Panorama at Hotel Hafnia is available on top of the renovated hotel building. Panorama is usually used for conferences, banquets etc. On some special occasions they turn the space into a restaurant or bar ( e g for easter, in the summer, or on Tórshavns cultural night). A worthwhile try is the fish buffet, they serve there every summer. Restaurant Panorama (hotelhafnia.com).
On the upcoming national holiday Ólavsøka they have a restaurant/Buffet in panorama, 28th and 29th of July.

Also our new Green Key certified Hotels Hilton Garden Inn and nearby Brandan Hotel (both 4 star) offer relaxed and elegant bars to start your evening with:
The brand-new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel features an open space French style bistro, Hallartún, using local Faroese produce and including a bar area. A separate bar menu is available and drinks are served also in the cozy lobby area with a fireplace in the center.

At the nearby (also new) Brandan Hotel the focus is on a great selection of wines, including organic house wines, which they import from Italy and transport by train to Denmark, from where they are brought to the Faroe Islands. The bar is offering great cocktails, a concept for good coffee and fantastic cakes.

Lots to explore in the bar and restaurant scenery of the Faroe Islands this summer! Go for it!
P.S. Do you wonder why you find so many Spanish references in the menus in restaurants and bars in the Faroe Islands? The reasons are the traditional fish trading between the countries (cod!) and vice versa comes the wine and the tapas concept.


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