Our culture, handed down by the generations, is what defines us. If you want to connect to a land, you connect to its culture, its people and their way of living. In New Zealand, the legendary Maori Haka is an art form practiced and kept alive through the ages and it gives a real feel of what the country is all about. It has its basis in training and connecting the body to the elements of nature and thereby to the land.

Check out this amazing video that captures the essence of Haka from the eyes of a young man looking to connect to his roots. Its inspiring and mesmerizing at the same time.

This is one aspect of the largely welcoming culture that defines New Zealand. This country promotes connections and bonds that go way beyond the short time that one visits this country. This article on tmf newsroom describes the Korero and Kai concept of the Kiwis, which imbibes the warm hospitality that New Zealand is famous for: “Introducing “Korero and Kai” – taste a slice of true New Zealand culture at IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt”

Tourism New Zealand is exhibiting at IMEX 2018 being held in Frankfurt from 15-17th May 2018. You can check out all that this country has to offer and can also book a personal appointment for detailed information and discussion for your next event planning. You can access their stand (C300) details and make an appointment here.

Your contact at Tourism New Zealand:
Leonie Ashford
Business Events Bid Manager
tel. + 64 446 28 018


IMEX Frankfurt takes place from May 15-17. You can attend either as a hosted buyer or visitor.

If you’re interested in the hosted buyer programme, please find out more about it and the link to registration on tmf-dialogue.net following this link. 

If you would like to attend as a visitor, please follow this link.