Are sustainability aspects becoming an important parameter for your international events? Would you like to visit IMEX 2022 in Frankfurt to source sustainable options for your events?

If yes, then I cordially invite you to join the “ecomice explorers” group at IMEX as a hosted buyer. IMEX Frankfurt and Johanna (me) / tmf dialogue are launching this new program for MICE planners who want to focus on operating more sustainable programs. We present the MICE “supply chains” of the future in selected destinations – for events that take place in the larger context of innovation, development and ecology.

It is important to us to encourage close cooperation between destinations and MICE organizers, since we can only together adapt our business to new developments. With the “ecomice explorers” group at IMEX we will visit 5 destinations that can offer new approaches and ideas related to the SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable MICE programs.

There are no further obligations, you can arrange your own appointments. Please apply and register for the “ecomice explorers” hosted buyers group for IMEX 2022, kindly note that we only have a few places and that we suggest a serious interest on your part as a prerequisite:

We enjoy flexible status for this group. You would need to arrive on Monday and stay at least until Wednesday evening, with departure after 6pm. If you want to stay until Thursday, that’s fine too. You can organize your flight or train journey yourself within the compensation frame of IMEX and receive the refund for the ticket directly at the trade fair. Information about the hotel etc. will follow shortly.

We accompany you to the 5 destination appointments (your presence at these 5 meetings is part of your committment) and suggest some matching workshops on sustainability via your calendar. But beyond that, you can arrange your own meetings and don’t have to stick to a fixed appointment schedule, as in other groups.

We will also begin a WhatsApp discussion in our small community to exchange ideas and interest and incorporate this into our group program if possible.

I think we are all interested in this IMEX 2022 becoming the start of responsible and innovative collaborations in the industry and look forward to sharing new ideas and content for MICE events with you.

Let me know if you have any further questions. IMEX’s ‘official’ invitation mailer for further useful information and links is available for download here.

Invitation letter to IMEX in Frankfurt

I am very happy to identify smarter and sustainable supply chains together with you.

All the best, Johanna

contact me directly at or via phone +49 171 459 40 29 and always through LinkedIn! If the topic is interesting but you cannot make it to IMEX with us, please follow ecomice on LinkedIn to stay in touch. We plan more projects that will bring suppliers and clients together to create more sustainability!