We all know how important online marketing is and how much it can change your company’s success and reputation. But how are you supposed to know if your campaign really brings the effects you want? The answer is to use online analytics tools! Hiral Rana from Entrepreneur gives 4 great examples of such tools.

Talkwalker: This is the most comprehensive analytics tool on the market today. Their coverage spans all of the major social media websites as well as 150 million other websites, 247 countries and 187 languages. Another great point is that you can review historic data (up to two years), upload and merge it with new data you are collecting to further recognise and analyse trends. Big corporates like Microsoft use the service to track trends and to help plan future marketing campaigns.

SumAll: This tool was created with small businesses in mind. Coverage entails major social media websites, ecommerce websites such as Amazon or Paypal, and Google Analytics data. SumAll also has a great blog on their website! You can find even more tips and tricks related to social media, and how to best use the platforms to your advantage. SumAll currently has a subscription based membership, but is actively working towards a completely free service!

Cyfe: “The all-in-one online business dashboard.” Cyfe allows you to track social media activities and responses, subscriptions and signups, sales and more. There are different ways you can set up and use Cyfe. Some examples on their website are Social Media Dashboards, Finance Dashboards, IT Dashboards and Sales Dashboards.

Social Report: This tool is focused soley on social media, as the name may suggest. Not only can you see analytics from posts, you can also manage likes, schedule posts, automate replies and much more.

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