Sea lice are a concern in salmon aquaculture where the health and quality of the fish can be affected. Research of key factors, control and monitoring are essential for all stakeholders and nations engaged in salmon aquaculture and breeding.

As the Faroe Islands are leading producers of top quality salmon, the research on sea lice is an essential topic.

The International Sea Lice Conference is the major forum of sea lice research, and a central focus for discussion of sea lice issues and development within the field of sea lice research and management.

Some of the goals of the bi-annual International Sea Lice Conference series are to bring together leading international researchers, groups and regulatory agencies to foster collaboration and communication on sea lice research and to advance our understanding of the key biological, environmental and management factors associated with sea lice in both wild and farmed settings.

The conference has addressed different areas of research, including biology of the sea lice, epidemiology, control by using chemicals, sea lice and wild fish, interactions with the environment, integrated handling of the pests, mathematical models, molecular genetics, new discoveries, regulatory policies, management and other important issues.

(from the website of the 2020 conference)

Winning Knowledge for Sustainable Aquaculture!

The organizer of the conference is Fiskaaling,  a limited Company, owned by the Faroese government and with the purpose:

  • To research, develop and advice within the farming of water-based animals and plants and within bio-technology.
  • To conduct commercial activities within this field of activities and
  • Other related activities

As an independent company, Fiskaaling provides services that the aquaculture industry may utilise in its operations. Knowledge generated at Fiskaaling also serves to inform the world that Faroese industry operates in compliance with international terms regarding animal welfare, production, environment and sustainability.

Previous Sea Lice Conferences

2010 Victoria, Canada

2012 Bergen, Norway

2014 Portland, Maine (USA)

2016 Westport, Ireland

2018 Patagonia, Chile

2020 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Themes for the conference will be:

  • Fish welfare
  • Genetics and genome
  • Medical treatments
  • Management – policy and legislation
  • Modelling and epidemiology
  • Non-medical treatments
  • Sea lice biology
  • Wild fish interaction
  • Open category


If you want to join, please registera s soon as possible through the website of the conference

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