Business in the Faroe Islands around #Marine #Ocean #Water

The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 rocky and volcanic islands up north — between Iceland and Norway, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Everyone can picture that water is a big topic for islands and here in this part of Europe we mean any water — the one falling from the sky as rain, springing as a resource from the earth and as far as you can see as the most abundant good in the surrounding ocean. In order to live well and healthy, small islands must make their peace with their waters and study exactly what it means to them and how it can help them and vice versa. They must understand it fully. Their happiness depends on mastering it. Their future depends on guarding and protecting it to make a sustainable living from its natural resources.

Water is omnipresent on the Faroe Islands and all life there, the nature, food, culture, traditions, professions are somehow in context and relations with it. That is why we have chosen the next series of stories on business in the Faroe Islands to showcase knowledge and leading industries around all things Marine /Ocean / Water.

We start with the water on the islands from the geological viewpoint and continue with the other — big — waters around them. All is connected as we know and the project we introduce below, turns an obvious “failure” into a success story. Why is that? Despite a strong indication of oil occurrence in the seabed around the islands, oil was not discovered until today. But the drilling for oil left holes and some resourceful researchers have decided to explore further about these holes to see what there is to be found.

A different aspect in using the water theme to describe some unique knowledge around it, is that Faroe Islands (together with other nations) are always spoken about as small nations. However, in the context of ocean, the Faroe Islands is a big nation — it’s a large ocean nation. The Faroe Islands are at the front when it comes to introducing the concept of a large ocean nation.

Can’t wait to get started with the water!

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