Coming back from awesome Faroe Islands where I participated in the 2020 Ambassador Event. The islands are different at any given time of the year. This time switching between sun and crispy cold and stormy weather all of it refreshing and invigorating. Visit Faroe Islands Meetings continues on the track to work with the ambassadors on stories and messaging (last year), now taking the story-telling further to creating the best possible legacies around confirmed congresses and events-in-process.

I took part in the panel of judges to evaluate the presentations of the group work, facilitated by Jane Cunningham, together with two representatives of international associations. One being IWRA – the international water resources association and the other ETNO – the European Telecommunications’ network operators association – both of them for a good reason, as for both water resources and leading telecommunication services the Faroe Islands are an outstanding address to consider.

Why is the (new) search for groundwater a priority now in the Faroe Islands? See some previous articles from Visit Faroe Islands Meetings community interaction about Jardfeingi – which is the Faroese Geological Survey and a 2017 congress on exploration. The search of ground water is something where a knowledge exchange with international experts about similar conditions (fractioned subsoil /volcanic ground, use of thermal heat, water pressure etc.) would be an extremely helpful legacy for the local challenges. Ground water in the Faroe Islands tested so far has an excellent quality and purity and signs are there that substantial resources are available.

Mixing with another awesome topic in the destination, building of sub sea tunnels to connect the islands….. When building the new Eysturoy tunnel fresh water was discovered seeping through the walls. The Eysturoy sub sea tunnel connects Skálafjørður and Tórshavn and will be a full 11 kilometers long. It is planned to open operations end of 2020.

To discover fresh water at the subsoil of the ocean in a depth of 187 meters below the water’s surface (the lowest point of the tunnel) is quite something. Ignacio Deregibus of IWRA had the opportunity to visit the tunnel-in-process together with Teitur Samuelsen, the director of the tunnel company, to see that master piece by himself and test the water coming from the walls. It is fresh water indeed, he confirmed. To make optimum use from this precious resource is now the aim of local political and societal discussion. The geological survey Jardfeingi is in charge of working on the subject, as well as on testing the underground in other boreholes, that have been made to use the thermal heat of the water underneath for heating houses.

So far, there was no drilling for water specifically, but now the first such drilling is made by Hiddenfjords, to check if they find water on the island of Vágar, which can be used for their smolt farms (raising the young salmon).

All is connected with everything and the Faroe Islands are a model of understanding interaction and inter-dependency of subjects. This brings us to the second “legacy” topic – telecommunication, represented by Anne Valles Meunier of ETNO association. We will publish a separate article about some really innovative updates we got from Jan Ziskasen, the CEO of the Faroese Telecom but you also should read a previous report on the amazing targets they have in this company and in the Islands!

Both association guests took then part in the ambassador event. All three of us were appointed judges for the group session of the ambassadors, which was facilitated by Jane Cunningham. The task of the interaction was to create credible legacies with a positive impact on both society and environment. The presentations of the 8 tables working on these ideas were built around congresses for contemporary music or handball or the international sea lice conference coming up later this year. All groups revealed a lot of excellent ideas of how to include stakeholders, the locals, the students, to attract talent by demonstrating unique expertise and so find solutions for industry problems. From planning and designing the legacy concept to the communication of legacy outcomes – the ambassadors proved once more how open, flexible, co-operative and creative they are!.

All ambassador events in the Faroe Islands are held in different locations (this time in the Nordic House, which is a great location for both conferences and cultural events) and each of them presents different catering concepts and entertainment – this time among others the ShitPunk Band Joe and The Shitboys (that is how they really call themselves) – which I would call a true example for disruption of a distinguished community! Quite unusual for an ambassador event but fun! And loud…..

Here are some impressions from the 2020 Ambassador event in the Nordic House in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands:


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