Page-turner books from the Faroe Islands make special gifts to look forward to an event in the destination.

Check on the FarLit website, what poetry or novels is written and published by Faroese authors.

We recommend the Faroese crime series novels by Jógvan Isaksen as a reference to TROM, the upcoming eight-episode television crime series, which will be the very first television crime series originating from and set in the picturesque Faroe Islands – the series is based on Isaksen’s crime novels about the journalist Hannis Martinsson. Look out for the series in your market’s online bookstores – we showcase 2 options here below.

The book for the first episode in the TROM series is available eg in German language and can be ordered through Amazon, the title in German is „Mild ist die Färöische Sommernacht“

In English language, Jogvan Isaksen’s latest book: “Walpurgis Tide “ can be purchased on Amazon.

(Only from UK: you can buy the necessary amount of books for your event participants with “buy for others” function in the book presentation on Amazon),

Parts of the rights for the TROM series have already been bought by such giants as German/French TV station ZDF/Arte and the streaming service Viaplay.

Bridge the time until travel will be possible again! The books can make a great gift in a motivational campaign or at a conference in the Faroe Islands.


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